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How about a good laugh.

High Voltage

How close are you to overhead power lines
Video 1   Video 2

Monkey's Uncle

Watch out for Auto
Mechanic scams

 Kitty tales
Crazy Cats
Crazy Cats II    

Patches the funniest Horse

Incredible Talent

  Video2    Video 3
Video 4    Video 5

If  spend a lot of
time in hotels you just
might want to view this

Great Books

The Survivors Club

The Final Quest



Thank you MigraSpray.
No more migraine headache. Now I can enjoy life again.

No more Migraine

Tired of suffering
migraine pain?
Get relief in under
10 minutes.

Migraine Rescue Migra Spray

Nearly 32 million Americans suffer from Migraine each year, 70% of sufferers are women suffering from menstrual migraine, 30% are men. Migra Spray is safe, fast and easy to use.

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